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At JALT2007 this weekend I came across a new website called iKnow: a free English learning application with social networking features, designed exclusively for Japanese learners.  Once logged in, learners can use a variety of applications designed to build their English skills, including vocab and phrase lessons, dictation,  podcasts, games, etc.  iKnow keeps track of individual learner progress and will create customized lessons each time the application is launched.

Here’s the good part: teachers can create groups of their students and track student progress throughout the semester, allowing iKnow to become an integral part of the curriculum.

And here’s the best part: iKnow is accessible via mobile phones, so users can study on the go, and teachers don’t need to have access to a computer lab, meaning that iKnow can be incorporated into the activities of a normal face-to-face classroom.

According to its creators, iKnow has gained about 10,000 registered members since its September 2007 launch.  If you teach in Japan, this is definitely an application you want to check out.


  1. EFL Geek wrote:

    Great link - will definitely check this out. How was the conference? Are you going to post a review? Did you happen to go to the presentation by Scott Miles that I mentioned on my blog, here.

  2. Aaron wrote:

    Hey EFL Geek… Conference was a lot of fun - spent more time talking to people than attending presentations this time. I was in the mood for just hanging out, so I wouldn’t be able to say much in a conference report.

    I guess I missed Scott’s presentation, but I’m sure it was interesting, as your post communicates clearly. I haven’t seen the book either, since these days I no longer have the privilege of teaching reading and writing courses.

  3. Chris wrote:

    I hadn’t heard about iKnow, but it gives me the idea that Twitter could be similarly used. Get together a network of English students to send tweets throughout the day/week, perhaps assigning students to post at last one message and respond to one message daily. The nature of Twitter is different than a forum or blog, as it demands quick updates throughout the day. I would imagine that students could get quite involved with the idea.

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