Abolishing Homework

Now is the time to abolish homework, and let children, families and communities use that time to prepare for a future where creativity and flexibility will be essential.

A must-read post from Harold Jarche points out the ills of homework and argues that we should give our children back their personal time. As a father, I’m thinking a lot about this issue and have pondered setting up - or getting plugged into - a homeschooling/free schooling network here in Kansai. There are so many learning opportunities available in the community and on the internet that school ends up just getting in the way.


  1. Colin Savage wrote:


    How are things in Kyoto brother? I hope all is well with you, lovely Hiromi and daughter Aili. How old is she now?

    I am very interested in this idea of abolishing homework - fantastic - as I have, for some time now, felt that the ‘tried and true’ educational methods of the past no longer ring true in our present. What have you found out on this homeschooling/free schooling network in Kansai? Do let me know. Although we are in London for the time being, I am feeling increasingly drawn back to Japan, particularly as I would like Alexi to enjoy one of his cultures at the earliest age.
    Get in touch when you can…

    Ja ne,

    Colin Savage

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