Happy New Year

Flaming Pig

Originally uploaded by doc18.

2007 is the year of the fire pig. Fire is the element of passion, adventure, and restless energy. People born in the year of the pig are said to have honest, trustworthy, and straightforward characters. May this New Year inspire us to make bold, dynamic changes grounded in honesty and inner strength.


  1. Lesley wrote:

    And a very happy new year to you too.

  2. Aaron wrote:

    Thanks Lesley! Have a great year!

  3. Harold Jarche wrote:

    Neat - I was born in the year of the pig :-)

  4. Aaron wrote:

    Harold: You’re a pig! My wife’s a pig, my parents are pigs, my boss is a pig, my second daughter will be a pig…I’m surrounded by pigs! Oink, oink. What does this mean? Hmmmm…

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